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Vision Statement

We are committed to providing exceptional public service, a climate for economic sustainability and a welcoming environment that makes Marana our Town for life. 

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In mid-2008, Marana's Mayor and Council identified the need to complete a community-wide, comprehensive strategic planning effort. This strategic plan addresses goals and objectives for the community's future. The plan lists initiatives and strategies Council determined most appropriate. These initiatives and strategies then act as the guiding policies for decision-making.

The initial Town of Marana Strategic Plan was adopted by the Mayor and Council on February 3, 2009. It has been periodically amended since this adoption, but this is the first time that the entire plan has been updated. Council and staff are excited about this new version.

There were few major changes to the plan; the vision statement and focus areas remain the same. There was an overriding principle added to make sure resources were invested for the benefit of the Town. Most of the work came in identifying projects from 2009 that had already been completed, while looking ahead for what Council envisions for the community in the long-term.

2012 Update

On January 2012, Council discussed the first draft of the newly updated Strategic Plan, which has been in development since October 2011. The initial review came during a three-day Council retreat with a specialized strategic planning consultant. From this retreat, Council refined the Focus Area goals and identified initiatives. 

Staff then took those initiatives and fleshed out the strategies on how to achieve them during a meeting on November 2011. That final draft document was then put to a working group to finalize phrasing and style.

This update has great significance not only for Council and staff, but also for the Town. There are many areas for growth and development that have been identified in the new plan.

2015 update

In September 2013, the Town Council met to discuss the next update to the Strategic Plan. An in-house retreat with a facilitator was conducted with the Council to develop the new vision statement and policy direction. In January 2014, Town staff and community members held a retreat to flesh out the Council's vision statement into action plans and tasks. 

The Plan was adopted by Council on Jan. 6, 2015.


PDF version of Strategic Plan 2015

PDF version of Strategic Plan 2012

PDF version of Strategic Plan 2009