The Finance Department provides support functions for other Town departments.  Those include the development and monitoring of the annual budget and financial plan, fiscal planning, cash management, accounting services, payroll, purchasing, accounts payable, business licensing, sales tax collection and auditing, establishment and monitoring of internal controls, preparing the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, facilitating external audits and independent reviews and grant financial reporting. Our mission is to ensure the efficient and effective use of the Town's fiscal resources in delivering exceptional service, provide relevant and reliable financial information for Council, senior management and citizens, comply with federal, state and local rules and regulations, and maintain transparency, accountability and our fiduciary responsibility.

Comprehensive Fee Schedule

On August 6, 2019, the Marana Town Council adopted changes to the Comprehensive Fee Schedule which took effect on September 6, 2019. Click below to view the completed schedule.

Impact Fees

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes 9-463.05, the The Town of Marana has adopted impact fees at various times. The most recent impact fee update was in 2017 under Marana Ordinance 2017.029.

tax rates and code

The Town of Marana is a program “city”, which operates under the Model City Tax Code.  


Bids or solicitations

The Town of Marana issues solicitations for construction projects; to purchase products and services, to determine availability of vendor products and/or services.   

business licenses

Any person or company planning to commence, practice, transact or carry on any trade, calling, profession, occupation or business within the town limits must first obtain a Marana business license. 

your town, your budget

The Town of Marana invites public input in the budgeting process. Learn more about how financial decisions are made in the Town and how your voice can be heard. 


public auctions

The Town conducts auctions of obsolete vehicles, equipment, supplies and real estate.  

Special Districts

A Community Facilities District (CFD) and/or ID (Improvement District) are special districts formed for the purpose of financing acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of the public infrastructure benefiting the planned community. 

budgets & Financial reports

Finance is responsible for coordinating and preparing the Town's annual budget and financial plan. 


financial dashboard

Follow the numbers by navigating through the Town's new financial transparency dashboard. 


Contact the Finance Department
(520) 382-1999