Code enforcement officers provide citizens with the highest quality service to protect public health, safety and welfare. Blight conditions in neighborhoods and business districts can negatively impact property values, encourage crime and discourage other homeowners, business owners and tenants from maintaining their own properties.  It is our mission to prevent this from happening and encourage everyone to keep Marana an attractive place to live, work and play.

Know the code

Each image below will link you to that specific section of the Town or Land Development Code.

Leave town rights-of-way free of cluttered signage. (Land Development Code, Title 16)

Except for political signs and Temporary Qualifying Event Directional signs, no signs are allowed in the Town's right of way because they:

  • Create a distraction to drivers/pedestrians

  • Mislead people seeking to locate addresses

  • Endanger public safety

Ensure property is free of unkempt weeds, other vegetation and refuse. (Town Code, Chapter 10-2)

Help keep our town beautiful by cutting weeds exceeding 9 inches in height, removing dead trees/shrubs and preventing vegetation that interferes with sidewalk space or roadway.

Please bag garbage before putting it in trash cans and make sure that trash, unsanitary and unsightly items do not accumulate on your property.

Help keep our town free of graffiti and other vandalism. (Town Code, Chapter 11-3)

If your home or business has been vandalized with graffiti, please notify the Marana Police Department or Code Enforcement.  If you see graffiti around the Town, please report it using the Marana Clean app, available via Google Play or the App Store.  We will work with you to help remove the damage and stop it from happening again. 


Animal Welfare (Town Code, Chapter 6-5)

The Town has equipped our parks with pet waste bag dispensers.  Please use these to keep our parks beautiful for everyone to enjoy.  Remember, any pet waste on public property/property of another must be immediately cleaned up and any pet waste on your private property must be cleaned up on a regular basis.

Any animals kept on property for economic value or otherwise must be enclosed in safe, healthy and appropriate structures, as outlined in Land Development Code 8.04. Water must be accessible at all times. 

Storage of Inoperable Vehicles (Town Code, Chapter 11-7)

Any unlicensed or inoperable vehicle should not be visible from a Town right of way or an adjoining property, except as specified in Town Code 11-7-2.  

Maintaining your property (Town Code, Chapter 10-2)

Protect your investment by keeping your home or business free from rodents, insects, deteriorating conditions, broken windows and other similar issues.  Routine maintenance, including painting, caulking and replacing missing roof tiles, will keep your home beautiful and make Marana a better place to live.


Always park in a legal space (Town Code, Chapter 12-3)

Help keep Marana's roadways safe and accessible by never parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, on a sidewalk, within an intersection or alley way, or in any manner that obstructs sight visibility near an intersection.

Please only park your vehicle on improved surfaces on your own property, and only park an oversized vehicle, trailer, boat or RV in a residential zone during loading and unloading. 


Escaping Water (Town Code, Chapter 14-9-3)

When water escapes from your property it can create a potentially hazardous condition on the streets and sidewalks, as well as cause damage to your neighbor’s property. To prevent this, please keep all used water confined to your property.If you see these conditions, please report them to Code Enforcement.

When draining pools, ensure the water is free from chemicals, with a neutral pH (between 6.5 and 7.5).

ask a question or report a violation

You can file a report online here. You can also file a report through the My Marana App. The App uses geo-tagging technology to automatically provide the problem's location, simplifying the reporting process. Search your app store for My Marana. 

Find out when Code Enforcement inspectors will be canvassing your neighborhood


Find out when code enforcement inspectors will be canvassing your business location


contact information and resources

Bill Lorefice
Chief Code Enforcement and
Animal Control Officer
(520) 382-2516 office

Lori Sheppard
Code Enforcement Officer
(520) 382-2537 office

Christine Byler
Community Development & Neighborhood Services
(520) 382-1926

Marana Police Department, non-emergency
(520) 382-2000

Pima County Health Department
(520) 724-7700

Marana Animal Services
(520) 382-8020


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