All applications, with the exception of the Marana Citizens' Forum, which meet the minimum requirements are forwarded to Mayor and Council for final approval and appointment. Council may interview prospective candidates in open or executive sessions. Every person who receives an appointment will be notified in writing or by phone as soon as possible. Whether selected or not, all applicants for any position will receive a letter from the Town Clerk's Office.


The Marana Planning Commission is a 7-member advisory body appointed by the Marana Town Council which makes recommendations to the Council on matters relating to zoning and land development, including the Marana General Plan (Marana's future vision for development) and applications for approval of rezoning cases, subdivision plats, development plans, and conditional uses.

Scheduled meetings: 6:30 p.m. on the last Wednesday of each month in the Council Chambers.

Planning Commission Application
Rules & Procedures


The Marana Board of Adjustment is a 7-member quasi-judicial body of citizens whose main functions are (1) to hear and decide citizen appeals from the Zoning Administrator's interpretations of the Marana zoning regulations; and (2) to consider citizen requests for variances from Marana zoning regulations.

Scheduled meetings: 2:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in the Council Chambers.

The Town of Marana is seeking four qualified citizens for open positions with terms beginning  March 1, 2018 and expiring February 28, 2022 .

Board of Adjustment Information
Board of Adjustment Application

Marana Citizens' Forum

Established by Council action in 2011, the Marana Citizens’ Forum is a proven model for engaging residents and community partners throughout the Town of Marana. Modeled after the Arizona Town Hall process, the Citizens’ Forum is comprised of up to 32 Delegates from throughout the community, representing unique viewpoints from the Citizen, Business, Academic, and Non-Profit communities. These Delegates include Community Partner Members, At-Large Members and Council-Appointed Members. The Forum is meant to make formal recommendations to Town Council on intractable issues within the Town of Marana, after engaging in a data intensive, consensus-driven process to consolidate recommendations and present a unified voice on issues of importance for Marana and its Citizens.

Marana Citizens’ Forum Home

Utilities board

The Utilities Board is a seven-member joint Town-Citizen board that serves in an oversight capacity to the Town Council. The Utilities Board reviews the current operation budget for the Town's Water Department, the costs of power to operate the Water Department's assets including water and wastewater, and other functions under the authority of the Water Department, which may include street lighting and park lighting. 

Utilities Board Information


Responsibilities include attending Board meetings which occur according to need, but a minimum of two per year. Members make decisions on employee participation in the retirement system as well as approve retirements – normal as well as disability retirements.

Meetings generally are held in the afternoon.


This application must be accompanied by a resume and any supporting document you believe might be relevant to the Council making a determination as to the appropriateness of the candidate. The Town will use this information when considering appointments. Please note that the Town's policy is not to share personal contact information when requested by private of public entities. However, this application is a public document and may be subject to public disclosure if requested under the Arizona Public Records Law.

For questions, contact the Town Clerk's Office
(520) 382-1960